How to Home Train Your Puppy

Once your puppy gets old enough you need to start working out how to home train your puppy. You need to impart positive lessons to him so that he or she matures to be a well behave dog that you can proudly walk with on the street or invite your friends over without risking him or her causing injury to them. Knowing to train a puppy is not an easy mission, particularly when you don’t have any past knowledge about how puppies behave and how they actually think. It is for this reason that there exists professional dog trainers, who have dedicated their lives to understanding puppy and dog behavior and share the skills and tips they have discovered over time with us making the whole process of knowing how to train a puppy simpler and full of fun.

The first thing you need to do when training your puppy at home is to ensure he or she has been sprayed or sterilized because puppies that have been sprayed or sterilized tend to respond more positively to training than the ones that haven’t. This is because neutering, makes them a little docile and cuts on their aggression.

How to home train your puppyThe other essential thing when considering how to home train your puppy is to establish the puppies’ private den as early as possible. Get him a place not to be used by family members or other pets. This is essential for breeds that are known to be territorial. Puppies tend to enjoy their own private time sometimes and providing such space early will aid his development. You also have to determine where in the house can he or she go and where you don’t want him or her to go. Come up with rules you want the puppy to follow when in the house for instance you may decide that you want him to have his own chair and not to climb on other chairs. If you get the rules right early it will speed up the training process.

Discovering how to train a puppy hood behavior is also very important. One basic way of encouraging your puppy to behave properly is by rewarding him or her every time he or she behaves well. There are several things you can reward the puppy with these include showing affection, giving gifts, patting on the back, toys and sometimes praising. Don’t use treats to bribe your puppy only use it as reinforcement for good behavior. Bribing him or her will give him the notion that he or she must be given what he wants to do something.

You also have to learn how to train him against biting and nipping on people. Human beings have delicate skins and puppies with their sharp teeth can easily cause injury to them. Training your puppy to appreciate this fact is very crucial. You can get further tips on how to train a puppy against biting and nipping people within the Secrets to Dog Training course.