Essentials of Dog Obedience Training

Obedience training an important procedure that enables dog owners gain the control of their dogs. Getting the procedure and lessons right helps a lot as it reduces the risk of your dog relapsing or reverting to his old bad behavior. There are several things one has to put in consideration for the process of the dog obedience training to be seamless. These are some of the essentials of dog obedience training.

Leadership is Paramount

First of all the owner must show leadership. He must walk the talk, he must display authority and power, not by physically dominating him but by getting the dog in his place psychologically by getting into his or her mind. Dogs are intelligent and can easily figure out whether you can manage leading them or not. That is why when you show aggression and be screaming at him all over you will lose his respect because he will view you as being weak.

Essentials of dog obedience trainingSticking to the routine also helps in obedience training. Have everything done as scheduled. Meal time, toilet time, walk time, play time and sleep time should happen as scheduled. This will get them to obey routine and you as the controller and they will understand that to please you they must stick to the set routine which helps curb disobedience.

Showing love to your dog also helps a lot but only when it is done within certain boundaries. Love should not exceed to the point where it goes to the extent of pampering. Don’t love your dog too much that he cannot protect himself or disobey your command. Show balance in your actions.

Learning to handle your pet is also one of the essentials of dog obedience training. Things like rolling the pet over rubbing his belly feeling his face sticking a finger in his mouth helps get the dog in submissive mode as well as strengthening the bond between the two of you.

Love to Spoil Them?

Do not give treats to your dog unnecessarily. He must earn them. Give them to him or her as a reward for good behavior or acts of obedience. Don’t reward him when he disobeys you. Don’t give him the treats as a bribe to behave well. He must first show good behavior before he is rewarded.

You have to let your dog see in your eyes that you are fooling around. You have to look him or her straight in the eye when you command. Looking your dog straight in the eye when reprimanding bad behavior is a show of dominance and it will get your dog to accept your command.

When walking your dog on the street, do not let him walk too far away from you and not in front of you. Remember it’s you walking the dog and not the dog walking you. Don’t let him pull on the leash that’s an act of disobedience. Don’t let him pull you in the direction he wants you to go but make him choose to follow the direction you are giving.

Lastly, you must be fair with your dog if he behaves well give him a reward if he doesn’t punish him.