How to train your dog in obedience

How To Train Your Dog in Obedience

Arguably one of the most important lesson in dog training is how to train your dog in obedience. Dog obedience training is responsible for getting your dog in the proper behavioral state. That includes him or her behaving properly when your friends come over to visit you. Him restraining from jumping on them or biting…

Why give your dog obedience training

Why Give Your Dog Obedience Training

  Many people confuse dog ticks and competition training with obedience training. It is true that trick training is part of obedience training but obedience training is not entirely about trick training. It seeks to correct various dog misbehaviors such us improper barking, disobedience and aggression. It covers basic tricks; sit, leave family manners, skill…

Dog Obedience Training Styles

Dog Obedience Training Styles

  Most traditional dog obedience training can be categorized into two big categories or dog obedience training styles. They are ‘treat training’ and ‘aggression’. Treat Training Treat training is where the trainer uses treats as a tool to induce the dog or puppy to do something he or she desires. For example, if the trainer…

Becoming the Pack Leader

Becoming the Pack Leader

Dogs are generally pack animals. You have to teach them from an early age that you are the pack leader or else they will overlook you and take that position for themselves this has nothing to do with them being aggressors but because it is in their kind to have a leader, a pack leader….

Essentials of dog obedience training

Essentials of Dog Obedience Training

Obedience training an important procedure that enables dog owners gain the control of their dogs. Getting the procedure and lessons right helps a lot as it reduces the risk of your dog relapsing or reverting to his old bad behavior. There are several things one has to put in consideration for the process of the…