Becoming the Pack Leader

Dogs are generally pack animals. You have to teach them from an early age that you are the pack leader or else they will overlook you and take that position for themselves this has nothing to do with them being aggressors but because it is in their kind to have a leader, a pack leader. If their owner does not fill the pack leader slot, one of the dogs will; and if you don’t do what it takes to maintain your image in his or her head as the pack leader he will take over slowly by slowly and sooner or later you will lose control.

Becoming the Pack Leader

Becoming the Pack LeaderTo be a good pack leader you have to understand basic dog obedience training. Your dog won’t just follow and obey you unless you teach him to. Dogs just like human beings and other animals love to learn. Dogs keep picking up lessons from the environment every now and then. This makes them perfect candidates for obedience training. An as a pack leader you must have the necessary tricks and tips to train your dog. In the recent past there weren’t places other than dog schools that taught how to become a good pack leader. The internet has however made it easier for dog owners to access valuable dog obedience training resources.

These days professional dog trainers do not need to necessarily go door to door to teach people how to be good pack leaders or how to train their dogs. They share these lessons through the internet. For example, the online dog trainer site offers a whole round, complete and effective guide that aids dog owners learn to be pack leaders. It reveals the golden rules of being effective pack leaders that guarantees your dog’s obedience no matter the dogs breed size or age. His methods have proven effective and aided many dog owners become great pack leaders and get their dogs to obey them.

Pack leaders communicate with their dogs from time to time and as a pack leader you don’t project nervousness or emotional weakness to your dog. You have to portray confidence and control. Dogs are territorial animals and pack leaders must make them understand that he is the overall owner of the territory he or she may be attempting to claim. You must make them understand you are the one making rules, that you are the one that makes the rules and he or she is the one to obey them and not the other way round. You decide when he can go out and when he has to stay inside, you decide what time he or she eats.

The biggest challenge

Finally, a pack leader’s biggest challenge is to understand his pack. Understanding what fulfills and creates balance among pack members. To effectively do this takes a good training plan, and learning ways to strengthen the bond between you and your dogs. It takes time to establish respect and fulfill the needs between you and your dogs.